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 IUCN Specialist Group on Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas

CSVPA seeks to identify, define, and provide guidelines for managing the cultural and spiritual dimensions of protected areas through the World Commission on Protected Areas WCPA  


The Delos Initiative

3S Initiative, Sacred Species and Sites

Cultural Values and Nature Initiative (CVNI)

Integration of SNS and Communities into Protected Area Planning

Recovering Sacred Sites in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Guidelines on the management of sacred natural sites

Biodiversity Rich Sacred Natural Sites

Dance for the Earth and her Peoples (DEP)


Cambridge Center for Landscape and People (CCLP)

Sacred Land Film Project

Silene Association


CSVPA Publications and Resources

Silene Documentation Centre





Latest Issues

News: 23 Jan 11 Community Conservation in Practice

News: 22 Nov 10 - CSVPA at International Seminar The Role of Religious Communities in the Management of World Heritage, Kyiv

Event: 23 Nov 10 - Free webinar about Biocultural Diversity Conservation and Sacred Natural Sites

Event: 12 Nov 10 - Religion, Nature and Ethnobiology Symposium on Sacred Sites in Florida

News: 01 Nov 10 - Japanese BioCity Naturalist Magazine publishes article on Sacred Natural Sites

Event:26 Oct 10 - CBD COP10 Launching Sacred Natural Sites, Conserving Nature and Culture

News:The Aanaar / Inari Statement - Delos 3 Workshop: Diversity of Sacred Lands in Europe

News: 01-03 July 10 - Diversity of Sacred Lands in Europe, Third Workshop of the Delos Initiative, Inari, Finland

News:13 June Reporting from the VI Contact Forum on Habitat Conservation in the Barents Region - Arkhangelsk, Russia

Event: 30 June - 4 July The Delos3 Workshop, Inari (Lapland), Finland

News:8-12 March CSVPA at Mesoamerican Congress of Protected Areas - Mexico

News: 05 march 10 Proceedings of the Second Workshop of the Delos Initiative


The Center for Humans and Nature







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