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We are pleased to announce that the new Elsevier journal, Ecosystem Services, will be launched in 2012. The journal is associated with the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP). Ecosystem Services is an international, interdisciplinary journal that deals with the science, policy and practice of Ecosystem Services in the following disciplines: ecology and economics, institutions, planning and decision making, economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry and outdoor recreation, and all types of ecosystems.
The aims of the journal are: 
  1. to improve our understanding of the dynamics, benefits and social and economic values of ecosystem services 
  2. to provide insight in the consequences of policies and management for ecosystem services with special attention to sustainability issues 
  3. to create a scientific interface to policymakers in the field of ecosystem services assessment and practice, and 
  4. to integrate the fragmented knowledge about ecosystem services, synergies and trade-offs, currently found in a wide field of specialist disciplines and journals. 
Manuscripts should always address ecosystem services and deal with at least one of the following themes: 
  • the link between ecosystem services and social and economic benefits and associated values, including monetary values; i.e. what is the role of ecosystem services in providing and sustaining benefits for humans and how are these benefits and values perceived by public and policy makers? 
  • the link between the levels of ecosystem services and economic, environmental and land use policies and practices; i.e. how is (the sustainability of) ecosystem services in natural, agricultural and urban systems affected by these policies and what are the trade-offs in service provision, and subsequent benefits and economic values, between different policy schemes? 
  • the link between government and business strategies and the sustainability of ecosystem services, i.e. the use of ecosystem services in PES arrangements, biodiversity-offset programs and multiple service land use planning. 
Articles may address these topics from different (paradigmatic) perspectives, including basic research, integrated assessment approaches and (ex ante and ex post) policy evaluations. They may be inter-disciplinary or draw from specialized fields within economic, ecological, social and political sciences. Systems addressed may range from natural and semi-natural ecosystems to cultivated systems and urban areas and from local to global scales. 
Article types: 
  • Original Research Articles (including policy assessments) 
  • Short communications
  • Review Articles (including policy reviews)
  • Views and Commentaries
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Special issue Papers
Detailed information, including the online submission system can be found at www.elsevier.com/locate/ecoser.
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Questions? Please contact Sandra Broerse at Elsevier.