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Application of Valuation in Decision Making

The aim of this folder is to provide access to information, publications and the discussion group with regard to the application of valuation in the decision-making process and the tools that can support the process. Evaluating possible alternatives and potential impacts of choices is a crucial phase before implementing policies, projects and management strategies. The decision making process can be supported by several tools that allow the inclusion of the environmental dimension in the analysis.

This folder is meant for scientists, policy makers, stakeholders, consultants, employers of public or private organizations, students and anyone with an interest in environmental issues and how to incorporate them in the choice process. You are welcome to contact us and send us any comment or material that may contribute to expand knowledge and stimulate exchange of information on the matter. You can also become a member of the NV&F network and upload and download publications by yourself and participate in the discussion group.





For further information please contact Valentina Tassone (Valentina.Tassone@wur.nl).