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Ecosystem Services Management & Restoration


The NV&F network is working in partnership with the IUCN's Commission on Ecosystem Management (IUCN-CEM). The objective of this theme (ESMR) is "to improve the knowledge base on ecosystem services and values and stimulate the integration of this knowledge in planning and decision making for sustainable ecosystem management through development of case studies, guidelines, and dissemination" (IUCN-CEM). This page therefore aims to provide greater exposure to current initiatives which, in accordance with this definition, are linking the valuation of ecosystem services with sustainable ecosystem management and restoration as a basis for, for example, developing suitable financing and payment mechanisms. 

Relevant information is readily accessible by searching any of the following options. 

Latest News

02 October 06: New publication: "Why rehabilitate urban river systems?"

15 September 06: New publication: "Ecological restoration: A new frontier for nature conservation and economics."

5 April '06: A new updated and improved Case Study Database is now available! A number of special features have also been developed, such as a database manual and an up-to-date search function.

12 Dec '05: All from the NV&F Symposium, held on 8/12/05 in Ede (the Netherlands), can now be viewed and downloaded.

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