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Case Study Database on Ecosystem Services & Sustainable Management



This database provides a list of ongoing and completed case studies, initiatives and projects linking valuation and financing of ecosystem services to sustainable management.

We also added a number of new features we hope will make this database more user friendly, consistent and informative. For example, we have included information about the functionality of the database. Furthermore, a manual is now also available, which guides you through the database, what it is and how you can easily find the information you are looking for. Since the search function plays a key role in finding the appropriate information, we have included a special feature about that too. 



If you are familiar with case studies or initiatives that you believe should be included in this database, please send an e-mail to Ivo Mulder (ivo.mulder@fsd.nl) or Matt Zylstra (matt.zylstra@fsd.nl). You can also use these e-mail addresses to ask questions, provide suggestions for improvement or other inquiries.


This database is an ongoing process and the NV&F team is updating and improving it continuously. A few new and innovative features that we incorporated and that we want to highlight concern:

By using these filters, you are able to search more quickly for information that is of interest to you.

  • Our NV&F database offers hyperlinks that will link you directly to the designated source for more detailed information about the specific case studies.

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We designed a manual that will show you step-by-step how you can make the best use of this database and find the information you are looking for!


Note: Once opened, you will be guided automatically through the manual. The presentation takes 2 minutes. 

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Search function

The case study database is being offered in an MS Excel format. However, in order to quickly find those cases that are of interest to you, we have added a number of "filters", which function as a search function. You are now able to search for cases by: (1) Country, (2) Region, (3) Ecosystem typology, (4) Typ of ecosystem service and (5) Methodology. Below, you will see what key words are included for every of the above mentioned criteria. These key words have been chosen on the basis of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment reports.

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Ecosystem Typology / Land use *

Type of Ecosystem Service **Methodology ***
  • All countries worldwide can be included

  • Africa

  • Agriculture

- Provisioning services (P)

  • Biochemicals, natural medicines, pharmaceuticals - P
  • Raw materials - P
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis


  • America
    • Central
    • North
    • South

  • Dryland



- Regulating services (R)

  • Climate regulation - R
  • Natural hazard regulation - R
  • Pollination - R
  • Water purification and waste treatment - R
  • Water regulation - R
  • Ecosystem Approach


  • Asia
    • Central
    • South
    • South-East

  • Forest
    • Coastal
    • Mangrove
    • Sub-tropical rainforest
    • Temperate
    • Tropical rainforest

- Cultural and amenity services (C)

  • Recreation and ecotourism - C

  • Ecosystem Restoration


  • Europe

  • Island

- Supporting services (S)

  • Nursery - S
  • Nutrient cycling - S
  • Refugium - S

  • Ecosystem Services
    • Economic Valuation
    • Payments for Environmental Services


  • Oceania

  • Mountain
    • Forest
    • Paramo
    • Tropical rainforest

- Various (all). A considerable number of sutdies do not solely focus on 1 ecosystem service. In stead, they focus on a arange of ecosystem services. Every study that assessed more than 1 ecosystem service, has been identified as "various" in the database column "Type of Ecosystem Service".

Note: The specific services that were investigated in the study are often mentioned in the column "project description"

  • Integrated Management



  • Water
    • Coral reef
    • Inland water
    • Marine
    • Wetland
  • Modelling


  • Various
  • Scenario Analysis

* Those ecosystem have been characterized that are as much as possible in accordance with the typology used in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and by the IUCN (World Conservation Union).

** Those ecosystem services have been incorporated that are in accordance with the services as identified in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and by de Groot et al (2002). A distinction is made in this respect between "Provisioning services" (P), "Regulating services" (R), "Cultural and amenity services" (C), and "Supporting services" (S).

***It shows by which method a case study has been assessed.

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This database is being updated regularly. We encourage you to have a look for newly updated cases on a regular basis.