Ecosystem Management & Restoration

Program Coordinator: Marijn ZwinkelsEcosystem resources and provide many vital goods and services to human society. Therefore the sustainable use of ecosystems (e.g. wetlands and water resources) is essential to maintaining these life support systems of our planet. However, in protecting and restoring these natural assets, it is necessary to manage beyond the borders of these natural areas in order to address threats occurring at larger spatial scales. This requires an integrated Ecosystem Approach combining ecological, socio-cultural and economic interests and values. FSD supports and carries out case studies that contribute to a more sustainable use of ecosystems as well as building networks and partnerships that stimulate best practice in integrated ecosystem management.

Marijn Zwinkels is programme coordinator for PRESENCE in South Africa and part of the Living Lands management team.
Marijn embodies many qualities and colleagues describe him as passionate, energetic, critical, curious, inspirational, direct, practical, empathetic and a ‘guy with guts’. The aim of Marijn’s work is to create and enable changes in the research programmes and to support all stakeholders in the landscape with a strong drive for implementation and measurable results.

Current Projects
PRESENCE: Participatory Restoration of Ecosystem SErvices & Natural Capital (in the Eastern Cape, South Africa)Financing Mechanisms for Ecosystem Management
Partners voor Water in de Kromme
PRESENCE in the Baviaanskloof
Water for food and Ecosystems in the Baviaanskloof
Living Lands (a South African NGO with the vision of “collaborations working on living landscapes”. The focus is on the restoration of natural capital)
WWF -Baviaanskloof Hart Land- a place for people and wildlife
eyes4earth: Communicating & visualizing the importance of ecosystem services to human well-being (contact:Matt Zylstra)

eyes4earth & PRESENCE are coordinated by the EarthCollective network which is institutionally supported by FSD.

Completed Projects
NOP-Impact (effecten klimaat op ecosystemen, bodem en water)
Vision for Water & Nature
CZMC (Coastal Zone Management Center)
Baten van water