Internship: ESP conference organisation, web-management and assistance ecosystem services projects

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) is looking for an intern who will support our work on the Ecosystem Services Valuation Database (ESVD) and the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP).

The position is based in Wageningen.

This internship is suited for an MSc academic internship.

Read the impressions of our former interns Mi Yan and Chantal Cornelissen.

About FSD

FSD is a not-for-profit research & consultancy foundation coordinating projects like the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), the Ecosystem Service Valuation Database (ESVD) and the Dutch phenological network Nature’s Calendar. FSD supports the conservation and sustainable use of natural ecosystems through building knowledge and stimulating awareness of the ways in which people depend on nature.

Ecosystem Services Valuation Database (ESVD)

The ESVD is the largest publicly available database with standardized monetary values for all ecosystem services and all biomes on all continents. It aims to provide a comprehensive, trustworthy, up-to-date and easily accessible database with state-of-the-art information on the monetary value of ecosystem services. Ultimately, our goal with the ESVD is to contribute to averting biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation as well as bringing ecosystem services into decision-making, to be used in research and in policy-making of financial institutions, NGO’s and governments. Currently the database consists of over 6400 value estimates, it has over 25 key variables and our repository currently includes over 5000 studies. Visit these websites for more information on the background and to check out the database.

Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP)

ESP connects ecosystem services scientists, policy makers and practitioners all over the globe, working together in various working groups and national networks on all continents. ESP regularly organises world and regional conferences and provides many services to further enhance the application of ecosystem services for nature conservation, ecosystem restoration and sustainable management. For more information, please see

Internship tasks

Ecosystem Services Valuation Database

The ESVD has seen major updates in the recent years, showing that there is a demand for a database like the ESVD. With this growth, we have to ensure and improve the quality of the database as well as the applicability of the database for possible users. Your main tasks will include assisting with the quality check of the database by diving into Excel, implementing the SEEA classifications, adding and coding data into the ESVD and finding studies for our repository. In addition, you will be assisting with data analysis in Excel and helping with product development.

ESP Conferences

We are currently preparing two regional conferences – for Africa and Asia. As an intern, you will support our team with the conference organisation and follow up. Your main tasks will include preparing important conference materials, communication with delegates, updating the conference websites and other related tasks.

ESP and FSD web management

The ESP website is in constant development. We add news items, vacancies and upcoming events, and often update our other pages. As an intern, you will help with all activities above. This gives you the opportunity to gain experience with the widely used CMS WordPress and to gain skills in crafting newsworthy texts.

Required knowledge and skills

  • Languages: English
  • Education level: MSc student
  • Ambitious person with a drive to learn and to improve the world
  • Basic understanding of ecosystem services concepts, natural capital management and/or environmental economics.
  • Good textual communicative skills
  • Advanced level of understanding of Word, Excel, Outlook and Power point
  • Good quantitative and data analysis skills
  • Able to work independently and proactively
  • Eye for detail
  • Experience with working in a small team with people from different backgrounds and countries

What we offer

  • Opportunity to learn more about ecosystem services and ecosystem management
  • Access to a large network of ecosystem service specialists
  • Opportunity to gain valuable experience in bringing science into practice
  • Opportunity to get experience with conference organisation and web communication
  • Work in a dynamic and high-paced working environment at a small NGO where you get a lot of responsibility and where not everything is set in stone
  • A remuneration of € 150, – per month based on a 40 hours workweek
  • Finally, a great feeling of doing something which benefits nature!


Preferable starting date is October 2021. Internship time and weekly hours are open for discussion, but we prefer someone who can work at least 4 days a week for at least 3 months. Internship is based in Wageningen

More information and application

  • Visit our website for more information about FSD and its projects.
  • Contact us for more information about the position at
  • If you are interested in this internship, send us a short motivation and your resume to