Objectives (English) takes an action research and case study approach. The project has chosen four case study regions in Brazil and Costa Rica where successful solutions have been applied. Based on the findings, wants to facilitate the transfer of successful solutions to at least one other community for each selected case study region confronted with similar environmental challenges. These case studies are analyzed based on specific research questions. The project design of is structured in three parts, with corresponding objectives (see also the figure below):

  • Analysis, which aims to identify communities where successful solutions for the management of natural resources have been developed and to analyse these solutions with respect to their instruments and governance models
    • Analyze management instruments
    • Analyze governance models
    • Analyze capacity of civil society organizations for ecosystem services management
  • Action (Transfer), which aims to investigate the possible transfer and implementation potential of these solution strategies to other communities that are confronted with the same challenges
    • Enable communication
    • Adapt and implement solution strategies
  • Dissemination, which aims to spread the knowledge about how this transfer could be organized and what factors have to be taken into consideration to make the transfer successful.
    • Prepare the knowledge for dissemination
    • Offer training and capacity building
    • Facilitate future knowledge exchange

Civinet Research Concept (source DoW p7)

Questions for Analysis target groups