Benefits for the environment through carbon credit measures in Brazil

The Brazilian Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Agricultural Development, Jaime Café, received on the morning of Wednesday, 30th of May, the Civinet project assistant Ofra Bosma. Also a representative of the Ecological Institute of Palmas Eliana Pareja and director of Sustainability in Agribusiness Seagro, Corombert Lion where attending the meeting. The Brazilian government intends to develop a project for carbon credits per capita through the application of techniques for improvement of production.
During the meeting, Ofra Bosma spoke about researching the possibility to increase cattle production while minimizing impacts on the environment: “Through this project, the Brazilian producer would receive financial compensation through the carbon market to implement new technologies. The implementation of the technology would be financed with carbon credits.” Ofra said. The research for this type of project is innovative in Brazil and may develop first in Tocantins, since Tocantins is one of the biggest cattle producers of Brazil while at the same time has one of the largest preserved areas of the country. According to the Secretary of Agriculture, this is the ideal time to research the possibilities to develop these types of innovations with a focus on reconciling an increase in production in balance with the environment. After presenting the project to the Secretary of Agriculture, Ofra Bosma will meet with producers in the region of Gurupi to present the proposal and seek volunteers to gather the first data.

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