Case study of Fundacion Neotropica recognised by the WRI

In a working paper from November 2012, which addresses the influence of Coastal Economic Valuation in the Caribbean, the World Resources Institute (WRI) recognized the joint work of Earth Economics-Fundación Neotropica´s at the Terraba-Sierpe Wetland, which is also a Case study in the Civinet project.
This is a result of a survey conducted by WRI together with the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership (MESP), based on semi-structured interviews with more than thirty marine conservation and valuation experts in the Caribbean to get a diagnostic of the influence of past coastal valuations in the region and to identify the key “enabling conditions” for valuations to influence policy, management, or investment decisions.
Out of this broad survey of valuation studies, WRI and MESP place the Earth Economics study (1,9MB, PDF) and Neotrópica´s work with it as one of the 13 studies that have had effective policy results.
Some of the WRI recommendations are reproductions of the blueprint that has been developed with Neotropica to mix rapid Ecosystem Service Valuation (rESV) methodologies and Spatial Multi Criteria Analysis (SMCA) in order to influence policy making.

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This is the link to Publication of Earth Economics (1,9MB, PDF)

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