partners participate at Biodiversity Forum in Crdoba Spain

Barbara Schröter from ZALF and Karla Sessin Dilascio from USP participated in the X Biodiversity Forum of the CE UICN (the Spanish Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature). The Forum took place in Córdoba, Spain, from September 24 to 26, under the overall title “Design of governance models for sustainable development and resource management facing environmental challenges.”
The participants were invited by the partner project COMET-LA, also financed by the 7th Framework Program of the EU. Therefore, the participants presented in the section “Adaptation and local mitigation activities in Latin America – Case studies”, together with representatives of the other 7th Framework Program projects COBRA and ECO-ADAPT. presented results from WP5 work in the Marujá case study, giving insights in multilevel governance structures based on co-management. For more information have a look at the links below (in Spanish).

Participants at the X Biodiversity Forum in Córdoba, Spain