Interviews in Maruja

From 21st to 25th September, 2012, part of the team did a field work trip to Marujá and Cananéia, at the Ilha do Cardoso, in the Southern part of the São Paulo State. The group consisted of Camila Jericó-Daminello, Karla Dilascio and Barbara Schroeter. The overall aim of the trip was to do a variety of interviews with the population of Marujá and functionaries of the Park Administration. First, the interviews encompassed several themes, such as the impact of AMOMAR and the State Park Legislation (for WP4) and the social structure and property rights in the Park (for WP5). Second, a short questionnaire was used to find out how the people of Marujá perceive their “community”. And third, interviews about perspectives of tourism and participation were pretested for future field work. Finally, the team also participated in the monthly meeting of the park council on Thursday, 25th September, in the Park headquarters in Cananéia. The park council is the communication platform of the Park Administration, the communities that live in the park, and other stakeholders.