Museum competition

The project team has participated in a competition of ideas “Project Earth: Our Future!” organized by a joint venture of the Leibniz community (an umbrella organization of different research institutes in Germany) and different museums in Germany. The overall notion was to present an object that should be related to “sustainability”. Our project was represented by both the Marujá and the Encostas da Serra Geral case studies. The Maruja Team proposed “o cerco caiçara – the caiçara model” and the Encostas da Serra Geral team, which proposed “sistema de pastoreio racional voisin e silvopastoril com especies nativas – voisin grazing system and silvopastoral with native species”.
You can find details on these proposals in the links below.

Projeto_Rosildo_english version.pdf

Unfortunately these two proposals were not chosen by the jury. Nevertheless the team is happy and thankful to Rosildo Luis de Almeida- inhabitant from Maruja – and Camilla Jericó-Daminello for the Marujá proposal (the cerco model) and Darci Pitton Filho – member of Voisin group at Federal University of Santa catarina – for the Santa Catarina proposal (the Voisin model) for their initiative and great ideas.

cerco_caicara1 Caiçara model
prv1 Voisin model

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