Partner Board Meeting in Costa Rica 2013

The project consortium held the second Partner Board Meeting July 14-17 in San José and Osa in Costa Rica. The meeting was hosted by Fundación Neotrópica (NEO) and chaired by Dr. Bernardo Aguilar-Gonzalez (NEO) and Dr. Bettina Matzdorf (ZALF).

NEO`s president Mr. Juan Carlos Crespo welcomed all project partners in San José. NEO both hosted the meeting in its headquarters in San José and in the Center for Studies and Community Empowerment Alvaro Wille Trejos (CEEC-AWT), its field station located on the Osa peninsula in the community of Rincón. The CEEAC-AWT is a local research and community centre that serves NEO’s activities in the region and offers accommodation to international researchers and environmentalists.  Project partners came together to discuss the first results of research and analysis as well as the state of the art of the transfer process in all four case study areas. It was a great opportunity to watch that transfer process going on the premises in the case study region of Costa Rica. Partners visited the Golfo Dulce case study region on the second day. All partners were impressed by the work in progress in the mangrove nurseries and took the chance to plant a mangrove tree themselves.

On the third day a field trip to the Terraba-Sierpe wetlands invited the partner consortium to witness the rich biodiversity of the region and had the opportunity to meet local stakeholders and NEO`s partners for the transfer process. The whole Partner Board Meeting was a great success not only in terms of agreements being made but in terms of realizing what great efforts and progress is getting on the way in the case study regions. As Paulo Sinisgalli (Fundag) put it during the press conference with the Ministry of Environment: “We are all learning a lot by NEO`s example and are very much encouraged by your dedicated work – thank you!”