The Maruja case study teams up with Iniciativa Verde

Iniciativa Verde is a Brazilian NGO which is engaged in support riparian forest restoration through greenhouse gases emission offsetting projects. This environmental NGO has started the project “Supporting Climate Change Adaptation Planning on the South Coast of São Paulo State” with the aim to help communities to address risks and challenges posed by climate change impacts and to become more resilient through the Participatory Climate Change Adaptation Planning process.

In this context, Iniciativa Verde invited scientists and expert to update and exchange spatial environmental information and data about the Lagamar region, which includes the Cardoso Island State Park. The team that works in Maruja case study was also invited to contribute to Iniciativa Verde’s GIS database portal or “GIS-Blog” of and to add information about the case study. This includes information on ecosystem service valuation, community organization and also to help the project team to maintain contact with Marujá’s community when necessary to exchange information in participatory planning process with Lagamar communities.

Iniciativa Verde will contribute to work package 4 with information like satellite images, Ribeira Valley and Cardoso Island State Park maps and aerial photos, and with the analysis of the mapping of deforestation in the region that is choosen for the WP4 case study area for comparison with the deforestation in the State Park.