Conference presentations

On this page you can find the presentations which the partners gave at international (scientific) conferences.


    • September 8-12, 2014, Final Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica

The final conference of the project took place during the seventh annual Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference 2014 in San José, Costa Rica. At this Final conference entitled “Communities Go Green & Blue!”, the partners presented the project, the 4 case studies and the project findings and conclusions. In addition partners co-organised a second session on ESPConf7, which summarizes results and lessons learned of five EU FP7 research projects with the focus on community based management of environmental challenges in Latin America. See the Final Conference page for the presentations and for more information on this conference.

  • June 8-13, 2014, 20th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM), Hannover, Germany
    Titles: ‘Investigating local influence on marked- based ecosystem- service conservation schemes with Net-Map tool: field experience from Costa Rica’ and ‘Civil society organisations in environmental conflicts – Examples from Latin America’ presenters: Barbara Schröter and Isabel Hackenberg; Angela Meyer, Gregor Giersch, Claudia Sattler, Barbara Schroeter and Bettina Matzdorf
    Conference description: For centuries, one of the visible signs of the interdependence of natural resource management and societal processes was the relationship between urban and rural areas. Natural products and services were provided by rural areas, in exchange for labor, trade and cultural services offered by the urban areas. Current megatrends such as climate change, urbanization, energy demand and an increasing land-use competition lead to spatial transformation all around the globe and to a state of transition. This transformation affects both rural and urban areas and requires changes on all levels of society, economy and politics. The 20th ISSRM will put a focus on these changes, their societal impacts and the potential to mitigate their effects on natural resources and humankind. Click here for more information on the 2014 ISSRM Symposium.
    Click here to download the presentation of Barbara Schröter and Isabel Hackenberg (as PDF)
    Click here to download the presentation of Meyer et al (as PDF)
  • May 4-9 2014, Resilience Conference, Montpellier, France
    Title Poster Speed Talk: All pain, no gain? The role of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in Ecosystem Service Management presenter: Barbara Schröter
    Conference description: Resilience 2014 will create an arena for exchanges and discussions articulating concepts & practices of adaptation, transformation and development. Click here for more information on the Resilience 2014 conference.

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  • December 3-6 2013 – Environmental Science Interdisciplinary Symposium – SICAM PROCAM
    Title: Local participation in ecosystem services identification, Marujá community case, Cardoso Island – SP presenter: Camila Jericó-Daminello
  • September 24-26 2013 – X Biodiversity Forum, CE UICN, Córdoba, Spain
    Title: Contribution to the section ‘Adaptation and local mitigation activities in Latin America – Case studies’ presenter(s): Barbara Schröter and Karla Sessin Dilascio
    Conference description: Barbara Schröter from ZALF and Karla Sessin Dilascio from USP participated in the X Biodiversity Forum of the CE UICN (the Spanish Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature). The Forum took place in Córdoba, Spain, from September 24 to 26, under the overall title “Design of governance models for sustainable development and resource management facing environmental challenges.”
    Click here for more information. The presentation will be published here later.
  • August 26-30 2013 – 6th annual ESP conference, Bali, Indonesia
    Titles: ‘Participatory approaches for the development and implementation of management plans in Latin America’ and ‘Economic and socio-cultural values of recreational ecosystem service in Marujá community, Cardoso Island, Brazil presenter(s): Lukas Wortmann, Claas Meyer, Bernardo Aguilar González, Tim Reutemann, Barbara Schröter, Camila Jericó-Daminello, Paulo Sinisgalli, Claudia Sattler, Bettina Matzdorf; Camila Jericó-Daminello & Paulo Sinisgalli
    Conference description: Every year, the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) organizes the Annual ESP Conference for its members. Its goals are to discuss the progress of the partnership, progress in the fields of Ecosystem Services Science, Policy & Practice and to provide an event for its Working Groups, National Networks and partnerships. Click here to download the presentation of Wortmann et al. and click here to download the presentation of Jericó-Daminello and Sinisgalli.
  • June 10-11 2013 – Workshop for projects within the theme ‘Communicy based management of environmental challenges’ of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Program (FP7), Brussels, Belgium
    Title: “Fostering innovative dialogue between researchers and stakeholders to meet future challenges: Land, Soil, Desertification, Urban and Community-Based Environmental Management” presenter(s): Bettina Matzdorf, Bernardo Aguilar-González, Angela Meyer
    Workshop description: During this two days workshop projects withing the FP7 team ‘Community based management of environmental challenges’, among which CIVInet, presented themselves. Those presentations were divided over sessions on soil and land management; desertification; community-based approaches to environmental management; urban risks, urban development and planning. The last session dealt with stakeholder’s versus research needs within the projects. The workshop started with talks from different representatives of the European Commission. Click here to download the entire program, all presentations and minutes of the sessions.  
  • June 9 2013 – USSEE, U.S. Society for Ecological Economics, Burlington, USA
    Title: “Governance analysis in community-based ecosystem management” presenter: Claudia Sattler
    Conference description: The USSEE conference focused on the overarching topic “Building Local, Scaling Global: Implementing Solutions for Sustainability”. Sessions topics ranged from ‘governance challenges in common pool resources’ over ‘livelihood strategies’ and ‘use of geospatial tools’ or ‘payments for ecosystem servics’ to ‘advancing a green economy’ and showed the truly trans-disciplinary nature of the conference.
  • June 9 2013 – IDCF, International Decision Conferencing Forum, London, UK
    Title: “Application of the MACBETH Socio-Technical Decision Aiding Process to Help an Insular Community to Develop Their Vision of the Future” presenter: Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho
    Conference description: The International Decision Conferencing Forum is a meeting where experts in decision conferencing share their findings, difficults, challenges they met attending their clients. The founder of the Forum is Professor Larry Phillips from the London School of Economics (LSE).


  • November 2-12 2012 – IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference: Sustaining Humans and Forests in Changing Landscapes, Concepción, Chile – the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) and their networks in community based environmental management poster presenter: Barbara Schröter
    Conference description: Within the theme of this IUFRO conference (Sustaining humans and forests in changing landscapes), a wide range of topics in relation to forest landscapes was discussed. Session topics ranged from ‘Biodiversity conservation and management in forest landscapes’ to Spatial patterns and ecological processes’ and ‘Agents, socioeconomic connections and policy making processes’.