Ecologica Institute

EI, Ecologica Institute
Main tasks:
Participant of WP6, WP2 and WP3
Address: 606 Sul (ARSE 62), QI 4, Alameda Di Cavalcante, Lote 24, Casa 2, 77022-068 Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil /

Headquartered in Palmas in the State of Tocantins in northern Brazil, EI is a non-profit research organization that is active in rainforest areas of the Amazon since 2000. IE’s mission is to develop activities focused on climate change mitigation through scientific research, environmental conservation, and community development. IE’s work and capabilities evolved, particularly in three aspects: a) Educating local people and enterprises on climate change mitigation, new sustainable technologies and renewable energy (e.g., solar and biomass); b) Fomenting scientific research on local biodiversity to establish best practices; and c) Engaging local communities in project development, in order to generate income and offer technical support using the SOCIALCARBON® methodology.

Role in the project and previous experience:
EI will have main responsibilities in WP6, WP2 and WP3. It will also participate in WP4, WP5 and WP1. Based on their practical experience during the five-year implementation of the Bananal Island Carbon Sequestration Project, EI developed the prototype for the SOCIALCARBON® approach in 2000. The approach is built specifically to improve the participation of the local people and the benefits reverted to them in carbon offset projects. Over the last ten years, SOCIALCARBON® was also adapted and replicated in over 50 projects in Brazil, China, Turkey, and Colombia including, community development projects and carbon offset through small hydropower plants and switching fuel activities.
The project will greatly benefit from EI’s knowledge especially with respect to the dissemination of know-how and experiences to other projects by transferring skills and tools to other organizations. Up until today, EI has trained over 6,000 people on multiple topics related to climate change, environmental conservation and commercialization of sustainable products.
Project participants:

Heloisa Garcia da Mota