Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
Main tasks
: Project management (WP1), lead of WP5
Address: Eberswalder Str. 84, 15374 Müncheberg, Germany


ZALF is a national research facility with about 300 employees, including 130 scientists. The research focuses on integrated system analysis of agricultural landscapes for sustainable management of land and water, conservation of natural resources, and sustainable development of rural areas. The methodological approaches encompass the investigation of natural and societal processes on different spatial and temporal scales, mathematical modeling, scenario analysis and elaboration of decision support systems. ZALF is structured into six institutes and research activities are conducted in inter- and trans-disciplinary research teams. The department that will be involved in the is the Institute of Socio-Economics focusing on decision-making processes at farm, regional and political levels in the context of sustainable land use in rural areas.

Role in the project and previous experience:
ZALF will coordinate the project (WP1) and will lead WP5. It will participate in WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP6.

The project will benefit from the know-how and experiences gained in the partner’s long-time engagement in EU-projects. Amongst others, ZALF has participates and/or led in the following EU-projects: SENSOR, LUPIS, PLUREL, FutureFarm, CLARIS-LPB, BIOFACT, MEA-Scope, MULTAGRI, SCENAR 2020, SEAMLESS, SOBIO, MULTILAND, CHANNELS, CORASON, LUCAS, BERAS, ELCAI, CAP-IRE, SoCo, SPARD and others. ZALF is part of the EU Network of Excellence LIAISE. Besides, ZALF is currently coordinating four nationally funded projects on Climate Change in Africa. Of specific relevance for the call topic is the nationally funded research group CIVILand, which focuses on the engagement of civil society organizations in payments for ecosystem services (PES).

Project participants: