Claudia Sattler

ZALF – Claudia Sattler

Working groups:
Project coordinator, Coordinator of scientific management, participant of WP1 & WP5

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Claudia holds a Diploma degree from the University of Hanover in Horticultural Science, Germany. Her diploma thesis dealt with the relevance of farming in causing species decline in agricultural landscapes. She earned her PhD in Agricultural Science from the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, at the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences of Agriculture in 2008. For the topic of her PhD thesis she focused on the model-based assessment of the ecological impacts of agricultural farming practices and did an analysis of farmers’ acceptance for the implementation of more environmentally-friendly production alternatives in practice. In her Postdoc work she focuses on Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), specifically with regards to the questions in how far modeling approaches can be used in the design of PES schemes to improve their environmental effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Her research interests include the use of decision support systems for environmentally friendly management of agricultural ecosystems, modeling of ecological effects of land use practices, processing of uncertain knowledge in modeling based on fuzzy logic, sustainability and multi-functionality of agriculture, and ecosystem services provision by agriculture.

In, Claudia is in charge of the scientific and technical project coordination. She also is also involved in WP5 which deals with the analysis of governance structures and the role of civil society organizations in community based management of natural resources.