Work package 1:
Project management

  • Scientific management of the project
  • Administrative coordination of the project
Work package description

WP1, led by ZALF will be responsible for the internal management of the project. It will organize the project internal meetings, coordinate the research activities and will monitor the progress of the project. It will also carry out the project’s administrative and financial management and will handle contacts with the EU Commission. Furthermore, it will organize the internal communication in the project between the CSO and RTD partners to allow for an effective decision making but also with respect to the cooperation with the stakeholders. As CiVi.net has taken an action research approach, CSO and RTD partners will conduct their research in a reflective process of progressive problem solving based on team work. Project activities will always be conferred among the CSO and RTD partners in the different thematic WPs and the project team partners will aim to improve their knowledge by mutual and continuous learning from each other throughout the project duration. Intermediary results of project activities will be used to scrutinize planned procedures and if deemed necessary adaptation of planned activities will take place.