Work package 3:
Stakeholder data and decision support


  • Provide stakeholder discussion with a sound data basis to support decision making with respect to the transfer and relocation of the solution approaches of the original case study regions to the transfer regions
  • Provide the data basis for the case study analysis in WP4 and WP5 that feeds into the analytical framework elaboration

Work package description

WP3, led by NEO, has the task to collect the necessary data to improve the knowledge base of the involved stakeholder groups and the project team. This is to provide stakeholder discussions with a sound data basis to support decision making and to provide the data basis for the case study analysis and analytical framework elaboration (WP4 and WP5). It will first check the data basis that is already available in the chosen case study regions.
Tasks within this work package

WP3 will organize and oversee the data collection activities and will also contribute to the development of the case study analysis methodologies in WP4 and WP5 in view of data and field constraints. It has also the responsibility to prepare data for stakeholder decision support, to make all data accessible via the data portal of the project (see WP6). Another important task is related to the validation of the user adequacy for the project’s data management instruments through stakeholder feedback.