Work package 4:
Effectiveness and efficiency of management instruments with focus on payments for ecosystem services


  • Analyze the approaches taken in the case study regions to deal with environmental problems with respect to the employed management instruments, including positive financial incentives such as payments for ecosystem services (PES)

Work package description  
WP4, led by ETH, will be responsible for the analysis of the case studies with respect to the chosen management instruments including PES (the “what”) with respect to their effectiveness and efficiency. The WP will discuss the applicability and suitability of the different management instrument in the new settings of bio-physical, socioeconomic and political conditions in the transfer regions.

Tasks within this work package
A specific task of this WP is to conduct an “experimental workshop” using methods from behavioral developmental economics to test the transfer potential of the different management instruments for one or two of the transfer communities: What management instrument are more likely to be taken up to tackle a problem under the given frame conditions? The experiment will help to investigate possible obstacles that could hinder the successful transfer and relocation of the solution approaches to the transfer regions. It allows the empirical comparison of different instruments without actually implementing them (ex-ante assessment). It also simulates the behavioral responses to the incentives created by the different instruments in a mid and long term perspective. The research outcomes of this WP will feed into the development of the analytical framework with respect to the transfer and relocation potential of the different management instruments that are investigated.