Work package 6:
Communication and dissemination of project results


  • Communication and dissemination of project results for different user groups (stakeholder groups, CSOs, scientific community, the general public)

Work package description

WP6, led by FSD, will take care of the dissemination of project results to different target groups, i.e. stakeholders at community level, CSOs, the scientific community, policy decision makers, and the general public. Ways to disseminate the produced knowledge of CiVi.net will include all electronic means provided through the project website, printed materials such as project brochures and fact sheets available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, the “participatory” movies created in WP2 (on DVD but also over the website), scientific publications in peer reviewed journals, small essays in local newspapers, if possible also small contributions for local radio or TV stations and also presentations and speeches on local workshops (in cooperation with WP2) or national or international conferences.
Tasks within this work package
One specific task of this WP will be to work out the overall dissemination plan for the project results specifically tailored to the different user groups. It will also be a specific task of WP6 to develop and offer trainings and capacity building for the stakeholders in the transfer regions. WP6 has also the responsibility (in cooperation with WP1) to organize the final conference of the project, that will take place within the frame of the Ecosystem Services Partnership http://www.es-partnership.org/esp (ESP) Conference. This conference will be held in San José Costa Rica, from 8 to 12 September of 2014. The project conference will be open to the participation of scientists, CSOs, practitioners and stakeholders involved in the case study and transfer regions, EU representatives, but also non-participants. Clickhere for more information on this conference.